Just about every morning, Evie asks me the same question:

“What fun things are we going to do today?”

Here’s the thing. I don’t actually have fun things planned every day. I know. Shocking.

In the fall when the kids went back to school, I realized pretty quickly that I was in BIG trouble when it came to that question. Frankly, Isaac and Gracie are a nice ‘fun things’ distraction.

Luckily, when I mentioned it that first week the big kids went back, a cute mom in our neighborhood heard my woe and invited us to join their preschool group.


So now, every six weeks or so, I get to teach four giggly little girls about the ocean, or dinosaurs, or travel.

Last Wednesday for our travel month, the lesson just happened to be about cameras.


We decorated funny little cameras made out of paper and colored duct tape.

020312-6 copy

The girls took pretend pictures of each other in front of famous landmarks (“Da Leaning Tower of Pizzzzzaaaa!”) and posing in princess dresses. I took real pictures of their funny, mad and happy faces and we talked about taking pictures on vacations and on special occasions.

020312-2 copy
(I think this is her ‘mad’ face.)

Of the four moms who teach, I am most CERTAINLY the most unorganized and unstructured. I admit that I don’t always feel confident when it’s my turn to play teacher. But that day, I was in my element.

020312-5 copy

It got me thinking about how much I LOVE talking about photography. And about how often I get emails or Facebook messages with camera/picture/editing related questions. Usually, they’re questions I asked myself at one point or another. They’re always questions I’m happy to answer if I can.

So. Got any questions? Want to know where I get my collage templates? How to get that neat blurred background in a shot? What I edit with? What I shoot with? What my first non-kit lens purchase was? Ask. I’d LOVE to answer as much as I can next week for PSF. If I don’t know the answer to your question, I’ll try to find it.

It’ll be one of those ‘fun things’ I get to do.

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P.S. In case you’re wondering, we teach from Mother Goose Time curriculum. It’s a great program and it takes a LOT of the pressure of my unorganized, unstructured self when it comes to lesson planning.